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We’ve had an incredible year here at #CamagubyFundiZwane, we’ve attended the most wonderful events and have enjoyed making you smell amazing in your unique way. The Festive Season is here and we know that means you’ll be keeping busy with all the things that make your heart happy, we’re adding a little extra something to your step this Festive season, follow us on Instagram, drop us an inbox on what you’ll be up to this festive season and you might win something to add to to your Christmas cart this year. Love... FUNDI

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IN FULL BLOOM I’m a huge lover and collector of plants, in our home we have a Family of plants called Arabella, Zulu, Judy, Mbali and Strawberry. I love being surrounded with reminders of the importance of Blooming. We are still very much in the middle of what seems like unending change and uncertainty, yet in all that I’ve had to be very intentional about the full process of growth. An Artist I admire said “I felt like an insignificant grain in sand, little did I know that it was the perfect environment for this seed to grow”. May we bloom beautifully, wildly, silently, relentlessly, tenderly and gloriously. Happy Spring everyone...   **To celebrate this Spring, use the PROMO Code "SPRING10"...

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