Fundi Zwane is an entrepreneur in the Arts that has built her business on the principal of open source collaborations. This has ensured that the business has a maximum impact on other small businesses that we work with as there is consistent shared value and communal benefit.

As an entrepreneur that is actively working in the Arts, the long term aim is that one is able to gather enough data for students and upcoming Artists to use as a navigation tool and to show them that a sound business model is still needed to able to run a successful Arts enterprise.

Fundi is a respected Actress and Business Woman, who is the proud Founding Director of The Phezulu Phambili Collective.

Filming the process and forming strategic synergies and archiving our work is a critical component on what the Phezulu Phambili Collective does. Fundi has always had a passion and flair to marrying all things creative with Business and that is what has given her company its competitive edge.

Having Landed her 1st breakthrough acting role in the hit Soapie Generations, Fundi has over 12 years of navigating and making a formidable name for herself in the South African Arts industry.

Fundi is already an artist that has global appeal. One of her clients is Grapevine Productions which produces the SAFTA award winning Telenovela Imbewu: The Seed, which airs not only in South Africa but on the International digital platform called VIU.

Imbewu has over 5 million viewers in South Africa alone and one of Fundi's vision is for collaborations with Artists in other counties such to form synergies that have economic value. She has a Social Media reach of 500,000 people, this makes the Fundi Zwane brand an influential and household name in South Africa and abroad.

In addition to being a Content Creator, MC, Artist and Business Woman, Fundi manufacturers her own line of T-shirts called Truth Tees and a body care range called INTANDOKAZI that produces beauty care products infused with indigenous African cleansing Herbs called Intelezi. Now, we add CAMAGU to the collection of Fundi Zwane products.

Fundi is also involved in a myriad of personal community development projects with strategic partners as her heart is to see young Black women in South Africa be meaningful economic contributors. She also produced her own online show called Living Lit with @Fundi_Zwane which is available to view on YouTube,

The Actress, Producer and Director is now focussed on Executive Producing and Directing her first feature film which will be one of many on the horizon.

“I find it very important for a young Black millennial in the business space to be diverse, I'm unafraid to TRY and marry all my skills to produce products that speak the language of the end user or consumer.”