Thulani Ndzotyana: A Queen

Hello Camagu Family, thank you for the spoils this past month, I am enjoying every sprinkle of your luxury.



What is the one thing that surprises people about you?
That I eat raw macaroni as a snack…



What does a woman's scent say about her?
A scent is your personal statement, it speaks for you as soon as you step into a room. When I smell good, I feel powerful and absolutely unstoppable.
I remember going for my Miss Grand SA interview, with no voice. And I put on my favourite scent and it just made me feel so powerful and unstoppable.


What does Womandla mean to you?
Women have power, when I look around sometimes, I am a little discouraged by the progress women have made, however when I hear us say words like Womandla, I am reminded that we are powerful. This year through the pageant coaching I have received from Merv, my view on Womandla was positively altered, I was enlightened that we can still be soft and yet so powerful as women.

Quote/Mantra you live by?
God willing, I will achieve all I am destined for.

What is the most empowering tool a woman can have?
Knowledge. We sometimes operate through a place of not knowing and even with little knowledge we pioneer. I’ve seen this in myself, when I lived in the EC my knowledge about the entertainment industry was so little, yet I still managed to get myself to JHB. I now work as an agent, and I use all I have acquired to share through Stride Institute. I am always in awe of the spark and resilience women and young girls have despite access to knowledge.