Scent and power of a woman

It’s August

There’s a rumble in the ground, South Africa is celebrating women and the powerful mark they leaving across the globe. The 20 000 women of 1956 would beam with pride at the strides we’ve taken.

For many years we have been sitting on the back burner waiting for the opportunity to be recognised, we’ve birthed, nurtured and assisted in growing the nation of Africa. We wear the marks of the trials and tribulations we’ve faced as women as medals of honour. We have rocked boats and sailed seas. An African woman carries a certain bounce to her step and has a certain flare. If you’d ask us at Camagu we’ll let you in on a little secret it’s in the soil and the many generations of wickedly strong females who fought for us that live within us, that’s what makes us who we are. The strong, bold, resilient and silently loud beings we are wasn’t a path we chose it was written in the stars for us.

Shine on beautiful queen!!!

We love how you’ve taken care of everyone, this is your month to be celebrated and taken care of  Queen. Never let the flame you die, and to keep that flame ignited we are giving you a 10% DISCOUNT (CAMAGU10) for the whole of August. Shop your favourite scent online, you deserve it.


Happy Women’s Month