Resilience in The Rat Race

What is the rat race? In layman's terms, the rat race is our plight for survival within the constraints of society. This can mean an array of things depending on the season you're in. 


Some of us are in a season of survival where our focus is covering our basic needs, some of us are in our usual routines of paying our rent on time and saving money for retirement, and some are in a season of all we've been praying for, financial resources, stability and a whole lot of new expectations and responsibilities from ourselves and possibly our community. The rat race always involves a constant battle for money, power, status, and fame - the most important currencies of our rat race society.

The battlefield

Life is a constant battlefield and we are always chasing deadlines whilst trying to climb our way up the social ladder, it’s a constant grind of trying to move from one sphere to the next and that takes a lot of work, to keep ourselves afloat and to know what we are doing and where we are going. In order for this to happen we need to set resolutions.




“I have set resolutions and I even have a vision board, a timeline and everything but it's not working out, I’m on the verge of a hectic burnout and breakdown”


This is common and it's nothing to worry about just use this easy remedy, it should work out for you. REST, BREATHE, RECALIBRATE THEN FOCUS, THIS BIRTHS REWARDS. This mantra simply means take a step back from it all, take some time away from it, take a walk, go to the beach, soak yourself in the tub and add your essential oils, bath salts or your favourite bubble bath.

Better yet we know that part of self your care can be purchasing a bottle of Camagu Femme because the happy floral note in each fragrance is a mood lifter. If we are still within budget take a mini vacation whilst you're at it. Breathe, this one is done during your resting period. It's when you silence all the noise around you, all those voices of doubt and so forth. Recalibrate, you’ve seen the methods you were using, and time to investigate and analyse which ones were working out for you, and which ones were pulling you further down. Time to implement new methodologies, time to re-brand and take into consideration all the tad bits of advice you were receiving from other people, the recalibration process is about implementing new methods and removing dated ones. Focus, here you are now putting in the hard work and testing out if your new strategies work. Once all the tiresome work is done, you shall see the beautiful rewards. You’ve got this trust me!