There are no words to accurately describe Motherhood. 

So Bella-Rose (my now 10-year-old daughter) came about 10 years earlier than scheduled. My big plan was to have a child when I was 38- years old because by then I’d have a big house, married to a mogul and would have enjoyed a career that was as lit as a Christmas tree… but, when I was 28 years young, my doctor surprised me with news that I was pregnant! (I had gone in to see the doctor to check about my anaemia, and I came out with news that  I’d been pregnant for 3 months and had no idea! Imagine!) 

It's been 10 years of unthinkable joy and amazing memories.

To be gifted with a child is to be trusted by the Ancestors with a sacred piece of the Cosmos… That's what I believe. Motherhood called me 10 years earlier because certain parts of a woman are only born on the day the child is born too

May all Mothers be celebrated, not just today but always by biological children and communities. 

Camagu boMama, your contributions are so treasured. 

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We're making this deal even more fragrant!!!! If you take a photo and tag us on IG and stand a chance to win a Lunch Voucher!!! 

Have a beautiful blessed month


Fundi Zwane