Happy New Year!

Camagu & Happy new year from us!

As you end January 2023 we know you will achieve anything you set your mind and heart to this year!!

There's so much excitement in the 2023 air, and we're partly to blame for it!!

1. You're gonna be turning heads and SMELLING GREAT for every occasion with Camagu Femme Fragrance which is available now for R499 which you can purchase in 3 simple steps right here!! Camagu Femme is infused with honey, grapefruit & g notes and is your perfect floral fragrance for this Summer season.

2. We're celebrating LOVE LOVE and MORE LOVE next month and we're inviting you to share your Love story with us on @camagubyfundi on Instagram. Give us a follow and DM/INBOX us, we wanna know all the soppy and heartwarming details. How did you meet? What keeps your fire burning? How do you celebrate your Love for each other?. 1 lucky couple will be walking away with something super special from our team!